Alright, dandruf might be the worst thing that ever happened to my hair. Ladies can I get an AMEN!!!!

Two weeks ago, I was deep in thought. I scratched my head, and, lo and behold, my fingernails had flakes on them. Oh, it’s just some dirt, I told myself. I shook my head, suddenly, it was snowing. Well, you know what they say, you can’t trust New England weather!

I was in serious denial.

Realizing I had to get rid of this (New England can’t deal wih anymore snow), I scoured the interwebs, looking for a cure.

Eventually, I lost hope. I came up with my own DIY, and after only one treatment, my blizzard has became flurries.

I put measurements in to give you guys a rough idea, but it’s really up to you. If you want to, omit one of the oils, or add your favorites.

Diy Dandruff treatment:

Mix 1 Teaspoon tea tree oil, 2 teaspoons Almond oil, 1 tablesppon coconut oil.

Massage into scalp for `3-5 minutes. Use once a week. Thoroughly wash out.


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