A few weeks ago, I saw something that annoyed me to no end. I met a family from India. They were so ignorant, it made me sick. They were convinced that African American people were bad. They spent a huge amount of tim telling us that “those black people” hated Indians. They assumed that they were hateful, rude, and scary, without caring to inform themselves. As an American, even as a human, I was angry. I interupted them and explained that the few Africans that they had met may have been rude, but that had nothing to do with their race. Their personality says nothing about their skin color and Vise Versa. This family laughed at me, with a look that screamed “What does a 12 year old know?”. I was furious.

This was not to blame or call anyone out, but I wanted to show that people, even in this day and age, can be ignorant. I am not against Indians, but I am against people who stereotype based on race. I would hope that others would inform themselves before saying hateful things like that.


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