I will be starting a new series on my blog. Every Monday, I’m going to review a book. For this first BRM, I’m reviewing a book that my friend let me borrow. Cold Case is written by Julia Platt Leonard.

This story revolves around a murder. The main character discovers a body in the refridgerator of his family resteraunt. All signs point to his older brother, who is swiftly arrested.  The protagonist is determined to find the real murderer and clear his family name.

I would say that this story does seem to move along quite fast (the body is found within the first 10 pages), so you won’t feel any connection with the characters. And, while it revolves around the murder, the author tries to have an underlying “family secret.” However, she neglects this plot and tries to revive it in the last 20 pages. Still it is a book that really surprises you. It’s a great page turner, and thrills, in a non- graphic way. It’s great for someone who focuses on the thrills of a book, rather than emotional connection. The age group recomended for this is 12-14.

All in all on a scale of 1 to 10, I give this book a 7.


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